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Adhisurya Foods, Sundarapuri, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu - 642104

Millet Mini Laddoos | Pure Jaggery, Ghee | 100% Natural


Close your eyes and imagine a treat that encapsulates the warmth of grandma’s kitchen, the fragrance of festivals, and the promise of nourishment. That’s our Millet Laddu—a sweet symphony of tradition and health. Wholesome, true-to-nature ingredients like pure ghee, jaggery and earthy millets are what make our laddoos special. We steer clear of maida, white sugar, preservatives or flavours. Just good old-fashioned, genuine goodness! 

The perfect nourishing nibble for your kids’ school tiffin or a quick bite on the go. Our Millet Laddu are memories and laughter that kids share with their friends, cousins, and for you to remember the taste of home. Laddoos so delicious, you won’t be able to stop at just one! 

Note: This description is evocative and meant to bring out the essence of Millet Laddoos. For actual product details, please refer to the packaging or consult the manufacturer. 😊



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