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Adhisurya Foods, Sundarapuri, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu - 642104

Golden Crunch Millet Murukku Delight


Indian Murukku, a beloved snack that transcends generations, now gets a wholesome twist! Our Millet Murukku combines the rich heritage of traditional flavours with the goodness of millets. Lovingly fried in pure groundnut oil & absolutely free from preservatives, artificial colours or any harmful chemicals.

Our Millet Murukku isn’t just a snack; it’s a memory. It’s the laughter of grandparents, the aroma of festivals, and the promise of health. So, grab a handful, share the joy, and let the golden spirals take you on a flavorful adventure. 

Pairing Suggestions:

  1. Chai Time: Dip Millet Murukku and masala chai—the perfect union of warmth and spice.
  2. Celebrations: At weddings, festivals, or family gatherings, Murukku sparks joy.
  3. Midnight Cravings: When the clock strikes midnight, reach for a jar of Millet Murukku. It’s your secret indulgence.

Note: This description is evocative and meant to bring out the essence of Millet Murukku. For actual product details, please refer to the packaging or consult the manufacturer. 😊


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