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Finding mention in the Yajur Vedas and other ancient scriptures, millets are one of the earliest cereal grains to be cultivated more than 4,500 years ago in India. Able to grow in tough hardy conditions, requiring half the water for cultivation as compared to rice & its high nutritional benefits make this miracle grain an asset for building a sustainable eco-friendly society in the future

Our Commitment

You can always count on us to serve you 100% natural
& healthy traditional food

Goodness of Millets

Tasty, filling & energy rich millets

100% natural

No chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavours

Eco friendly sourcing

Handpicked and sourced
from select farmers &
small range shops

About DhronaOur Story

DHRONA FOODS is the creation of a young 60-year-old
couple from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Passionate about
food, the couple had cherished a lifelong dream of a
company that served tasty & nutritious millet-based
foods. This dream eventually germinated in 2012 with
the creation of Dhrona Foods.
Dhrona Foods’ mission is to serve tasty, healthy millet
foods and to ensure that millets are accessible to all
families across India

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One who eats Sorghum is strong as a wolf, and one who eats Ragi is ill free throughout his life.  
-Old Kannada Proverb  

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